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Broken Soul (pt.1)

Why aren't you trying to conceive, what is inside and killing me?
Sure I know you care,
yet, why weren't you there?

At the times when I might needed help,
I had to reach out for someone else.
I admit it was hard, somehow I'm scraping along,
the two of us had an unbreakable bond.

At least that's what we assumed,
before we experienced breach,
of course I was the one to be impeached.

My first poem ever in english

Devil's business: overthinking

Overthinking as a lifestyle

We are all familiar with this phenomenon, aren't we? A boy you like has just glanced at you, but he looked kinda mad. So, what does that mean for God's sake?? "Men are so complicated, does he like me, does he hate me, what should I do?"

Svima nam je poznat ovaj fenomen, zar ne? Dečko koji ti se sviđa ti je uputio značajan pogled, ali izgledao je ljuto. Pa šta to znači kog đavola?? "Muškarci su tako komplikovani, da li mu se sviđam , da li me mrzi, šta da radim?"

Guess what, that was most probably just a glance with no meaning.
It usually happens, you know, human beings look at each other with no intention. And what do we do instead of just ignoring this: we excessively analyze stupid, irrelevant daily situations like the above mentioned all night long. Do we come to a realization? I'm not so sure. The only thing that happens is that we overload our brains with different explanations and usually, it ends up with negative thoughts…